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Wednesday, Mar 6, 2019   
Award Winner
40mm Grenade  S2pack (33 kills with 40mmgl)
40mm Shotgun  [GROZNY] REAPER63 (6 kills with 40mmsg)
40mm Smoke Launcher  senoc44 (3 kills with 40mmsmk)
870 Combat  Mr. 8ubbles (42 kills with 870mcs)
9A-91 Avtomat  [Floripa] Viper O Mito (9 kills with 9a91)
AEK-971 Vintovka  [Floripa] Viper O Mito (21 kills with aek971)
AKS-74U Krinkov  ++RPM++ (36 kills with aks74u)
AN-94 Abakan  zalypa23 (13 kills with an94)
Anti-Tank Mine  Cancer-DoD- (11 kills with mine)
Best Latency  Qpp_Bbe (56 ms average connection)
C4 Explosive  [GROZNY] r_evil1985 (6 kills with dtn-4)
F2000 Assault  [Invalid ] Gregory_Gorenjev (28 kills with f2000)
G3  [Invalid ] Dinery (42 kills with g3)
GOL Sniper Magnum  BlitzBop (24 kills with gol)
Hand Grenade  ++RPM++ (12 kills with grenade)
KNV-1  [GROZNY] r_evil1985 (10 kills with knife)
Longest Death Streak  Nekropegaz (29 deaths)
Longest Kill Streak  Nirkeh (19 kills)
Longest Play Time  sgt alebertoy (17:06:35h hours)
M1  Negened (21 kills with garand)
M136 AT4  [GROZNY] denis_chimiris (13 kills with m136)
M14  S2pack (15 kills with mk14ebr)
M16A2  S2pack (21 kills with m16a2)
M16A2 - Specact  [ w ] Gab3n (18 kills with m16k)
M2 Carl Gustav AT  ++RPM++ (39 kills with m2cg)
M24 Sniper  ++RPM++ (41 kills with m24)
M249 Saw  [Floripa] Carlet (59 kills with m249)
M416  [RusMD] |KILLER NOOBS| (39 kills with m416)
M60 LMG  [Invalid ] Adriation (10 kills with m60)
M9 Pistol  [FR] Fractalburst (8 kills with m9)
M93R Burst  FJGAMER007 (2 kills with m9-3)
M95 Sniper  [REI.x] Yezanx (4 kills with m95)
M95 Sniper - Specact  [Invalid ] Dinery (3 kills with m95k)
MG3  Gen Pierdziejev (4 kills with m3)
MG3 - Specact  [Invalid ] Dinery (59 kills with mg3k)
MG36  [SEA] Loqieamean (4 kills with mg36)
Mortar  ++RPM++ (4 kills with mortar)
Most Deaths  [Invalid ] Dinery (133 deaths)
Most Headshots  [Invalid ] Dinery (37 headshots)
Most Improved Player  S2pack (2,444 points gained)
Most Kills  ++RPM++ (206 kills)
Most Suicides  [TOLYAN] the_sswaaf11 (7 suicides)
MP-412 Rex  [ w ] Gab3n (9 kills with mp412)
MP-443 Grach  senoc44 (9 kills with mp443)
NEOSTEAD 2000 Combat  [$ESH] Finesse God (22 kills with ns2000)
PKM LMG  [-cZn-] The.Lax (40 kills with pkm)
PP-2000 Avtomat  joker_cccp (13 kills with pp2000)
Roadkill  [MARUSYA] ERRROHA (2 kills with roadkill)
RPG-7 AT  RadComany (14 kills with rpg7)
Saiga 20k Semi  [Invalid ] DrGr33n (31 kills with s20k)
SCAR-L Carbine  [Floripa] Ecaaaa (30 kills with scar)
SPAS-12 Combat  [kormoran] HRty (19 kills with spas12)
Stg.77 AUG  Adaq (70 kills with aug)
SV98 Snaiperskaya  [RusMD] |KILLER NOOBS| (42 kills with sv98)
SVU Snaiperskaya Short  [Invalid ] MC-Drehstuhl (29 kills with svu)
Type 88 LMG  [-cZn-] The.Lax (16 kills with qju88)
Type 88 Sniper  [MARUSYA] ERRROHA (10 kills with qbu88)
UMP-45  Blood Rise (32 kills with ump)
UMP-45 - Specact  [Invalid ] WSimons (5 kills with umpk)
USAS-12 Auto  [$ESH] Finesse God (11 kills with usas12)
UZI  Thomsters_Ghost (21 kills with uzi)
VSS Snaiperskaya Special  [GROZNY] r_evil1985 (12 kills with vss)
WWII M1911 .45  [Invalid ] Dinery (11 kills with m1911)
WWII M1A1 Thompson  [Magyar] NapalmTM (5 kills with thompson)
XM8 Compact  [GROZNY] denis_chimiris (78 kills with xm8c)
XM8 LMG  [GROZNY] marina131 (78 kills with xm8lmg)
XM8 Prototype  ++RPM++ (37 kills with xm8)